Hiring Equipment

We've tried our best to make ordering your equipment as easy as possible, this can be done either on our website or over the phone on 01429869498. If you are ordering online, simply add what you need to your cart and follow our online checkout which will ask when you would like your equipment, where it's going to and finally a secure online payment. If you prefer to order over the phone, a member of staff will be happy to help; our office is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Unlike many other hire companies, we don't take any deposits for any of our equipment, we simply take an upfront payment for your hire including delivery and collection. Paying huge deposits can be a stumbling block for many people who simply want to do a small job for their own home or for someone else, we believe everybody should be able to hire equipment regardless of whether it's for domestic or trade use.

One of the main benefits of working with us is that we have one of the largest network of depots in the UK, with thousands throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This allows us to offer next day delivery on the majority of equipment as long as it's ordered at the latest around 3pm the day before delivery. Obviously if you want to order more in advance that's not a problem at all, we can deliver Monday to Friday anytime and on Saturday mornings in England.

We find out delivery times on the morning of delivery by ringing each depot that has a delivery for us that day, once we find out someone should be in touch to let you know. We understand most of the time people want equipment on the morning of the delivery date and we will always do our best to get it there as per your request, however please understand delays can happen and occasionally deliveries may arrive later than the ETA we are given on a morning.

We can deliver anywhere in the UK due to our vast amount of depots throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you would like to double check your area please feel free to get in touch.

We do not assemble any equipment unfortunately, this is something that would be down to someone on site. All access equipment is very simple to put together with components simply clipping together, there are no tools or training required. If you are needing support on assembling equipment please feel free to get in touch, we also have PDF guides in our Help Centre which can be easily downloaded or printed.

Since COVID unfortunately paper copies of instructions do not get handed out anymore however you can find an assembly guide in our Help Centre above. Alternatively give us a call and a member of staff will be able to talk you through the assembly process.

Qualifications are not required to hire equipment, allowing anyone to order equipment for their job. The only thing we would suggest you check if you are on a site is legislation, some sites may require PASMA or similar qualifications to use things like scaffold towers.

Our drivers are only allowed to drop equipment off at the front of a property or site, they are not allowed to enter properties or carry equipment through to back gardens in case of accidental property damage. This also applies to collection, equipment must be at the front of a property for the driver to collect.


If you are finished with your equipment and would like to off hire it simply get in touch via email or telephone and a member of staff will let the depot know your equipment is ready to go. We will strive to collect your equipment the next day, however delays can happen due to how busy depots are, driver availability etc.

Once hired your equipment is always placed on a weekly hire unless you tell us otherwise, so for example if you hire something for delivery on a Monday your collection would be from the following Monday.

The majority of the time this isn't possible, however it's always worth the ask. Same day collections will always rely on other people in your area cancelling their own pickups or deliveries so that we can fit you in, so unfortunately this very rarely happens.

Drivers are not allowed to disassemble equipment in the same way they aren't allowed to assemble it, meaning someone on site needs to take your equipment down and back into the way it was delivered for the driver to be able to collect.

We have someone in our office who will call everyone who's hire is due the next day, this gives you a courtesy call the day before and allows you to either confirm collection or extend your hire there and then. If we can't get hold of you with our first call we would give you a text and also try calling again a couple more times throughout the day, if we still can't get through to you then your equipment will be deemed ready for collection to stop further charges.

We understand you're using your equipment to do a job which may result in things like paint getting onto your equipment which is absolutely fine, however if there is excessive material on the equipment the depot would charge a minimum cleaning fee of £50. We always appreciate a quick tidy up of your equipment once you're finished with it, not only to ensure no cleaning charge but also for the next user.


There are a few ways you can pay for your hire, if you are ordering over the website then we have a secure payment gateway that accepts all major cards and also allows payment via PayPal. If you are ordering over the phone, we have a secure payment system which allows us to process your card details there and then, once your payment goes through it is impossible for us to see your details again as we do not keep them saved, giving you peace of mind that your details are safe.

If you are cancelling a delivery we ideally need to know by 4pm the day before at the latest, this is because the depot will likely already be loading your equipment onto the wagon for the next day. If you let us know on the day of delivery that you don't require your equipment there may be a £15 abortive collection charge applied.

If we go to collect your equipment and you still require it but haven't told us, there would be a £15 abortive collection charge applied. This is to cover the drivers time of going to your site and also naturally if we're going to your site then someone else is missing out on that slot, please always let us know if you need to extend a hire.

Yes we do, we have hundreds of companies on account with us who are invoiced at the end of each month for what they have hired. If you wish to apply for an account please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help get you set up. Your company will need to be authorised for an account by senior members of staff however 99% of the time this is no problem.

Long term discounts are certainly something we can discuss with you if your hire is going to be longer than 4 weeks, please get in touch if you're needing to hire something for an extended period of time and we'll see what we can do for you.


We do yes, unlike many other hire companies who make this mandatory our damage waiver is optional, giving you the choice whether you want to cover your hire or not. Our damage waiver is 15% of your hire cost and will cover you for up to £200 worth of accidental damage.

Unfortunately as a company we do not accept chargebacks of any kind, if things go wrong with your order we can offer a full refund or future hire discounts but we do not accept invoices for any lost labour time, fuel costs or other expenses which may be caused by something going wrong with your order.

Whilst this is not something people like to hear things happen in the hire industry which cannot be controlled which may result in delays getting your equipment either delivered or collected, we can only suggest if you're on a time sensitive job that you request your equipment to be delivered the day before to ensure at worst case we can get it to you the day of the job itself if anything goes wrong.

Equipment being stolen is a very rare occurrence, however it does happen which isn't nice for all parties involved. If something is stolen this is the hirers responsibility and would have to be paid in full to be replaced. Some people do take insurance out on the equipment they have hired, however this something that we don't offer so you would have to take care of that side of things yourself. We are flexible in terms of theft and understand it can be a lot to ask for a full upfront payment to cover the replacement, so monthly payment plans can be put in place to help the process.

Once your equipment has been off hired the depot have 5 working days to collect, we do always strive to collect next day however this can be delayed due to certain circumstances at the time for example lots of deliveries, traffic delays, breakdowns etc.